Plans for Sculptures continued (2)

Sketched in the life drawing sessions, these are all abstractions of the human form they are part of a bigger process, sculptures will be made using these preliminary sketches are inspiration, and then these sculptures will be documented and photographed and I will paint from these photographs. This is part of my work on BDD.

Getting back Into Painting


After avoiding painting for the second half of my foundation course and the start of my first year in university, I have decided to go back to what I love.
Starting where I left off in the early 2015, I’m once again ignoring colour and just repeatedly painting and drawing people again in monochrome to hone in on this skill again and hopefully start looking towards producing stuff with my own style. I feel so much more enthusiastic about this sort of work, probably due to me “losing my way” a little last year, producing work that i found interesting but wasn’t truly enthused with like I am my paintings. Hopefully this new path will lead to greater things.

*Above is a quick painting from my sketchbook