Painting from sculptures

I have now completed three paintings based on the photographs I took of the sculptures, these photographs aim to bel representational of the sculptures yet distort the viewer’s impression of what the objects may look like in real life. For example, in the photographs the objects seem much larger in scale and in some instances they look very reminiscent of the skin/body, or even landscapes. This means that the paintings are very abstract, it’s unclear what they could possibly be representing, yet the objects that they contain have a feeling that is slightly human. In terms of skill, I feel that the paintings are okay, they aren’t exactly a showcase for me, but they are still of a quality that is adequate to meet the aims I set myself and the ideas I wanted to evoke.

Plans for Sculptures

Sketched in the life drawing sessions, these are all abstractions of the human form they are part of a bigger process, sculptures will be made using these preliminary sketches are inspiration, and then these sculptures will be documented and photographed and I will paint from these photographs. This is part of my work on BDD.