Creation of Dystopian Idea in response to the theme of Surveillance

My idea is based around a dystopian idea of my own design, it is quite a simple idea, only as deep as it needs to be in order for me to create work in reference to and around it. Dystopian societies often are based on a hierarchal system, where each band of the hierarchy is vastly different to the other in terms of living condition, mine is no exception. There is also generally a government that uses fear and just enough feeling of isolation of every individual so that they feel that if they spoke up against said government they would be supported by no one. My dystopian society is one that has experienced a mass genocide of those that are deemed to be not worthy of positive eugenics, these individuals that were not eliminated are of a select few, they work solely in a factory reproducing humans (as in a “Brave New world”), with the fear that if they rebel a violent/fatal force will be brought upon them by said government. Normal humans are only reproduced if an individual that works in the factory has passed away, so only on a replacement basis. The main function of the factory is to reproduce creatures that are only human by name, they are faceless, impressionable slaves, that have no means of expressing themselves and no intelligence to do so anyway. They form the lowest class of this society, they do not think they just function to work to do menial tasks for the government, such as food production etc, the middle class of “normal” humans are only allowed their intelligence because it is needed to in order for them to have the capacity to understand how to in vitro fertilise eggs to produce their replacements and the mass of clones.

Books, music, art of any kind, dancing, anything expressional is banned and has been elevated in a way so that the small general population thinks of them as figures of hate. The middle class are allowed contact with people only from the same job as theirs in the production line, no one person can say what they are producing nor can state the whole production technique, as they have no experience of what is going on from a wider perspective nor what the final purpose of their individual jobs are.

These clones are used for war, food production, transportation of resources to the buildings where their production occurs, and not much else. The middle classes have no experience of the outside world, this is where the government members live in relative absolute luxury in a very similar way to the way we live in the present day, using mostly deception to incite fear in the middle classes, next to no policing, just relying on snitches and the implication of complete control.

My ideas on how to adapt this into a painting that speaks about our world today, and how we should not all be conformist in the way we live, will be discussed in another blog post. This above blog post will be changed an adapted over the next few weeks, and will be fluid, as I think up new ideas as to the design of this dystopia society, information will be added. As well as if I suddenly realise that an aspect does not work, it will be omitted.

The finished painting based on this design of a dystopian society