Finished final piece


I haven’t managed to fully realise my intentions with this project because of the space limitations, so if you can imagine these three paintings side by side with string linking them, and a large map of Britain in the background that would be good šŸ™‚ . I decided to document a journey I undertook by the faces I saw along the way, with each portrait in the series getting more and more rushed , to represent my patience waning throughout the journey, the paintings are linked by thread to show that they were in sequence and were thought about throughout the day. I think that is was reasonably successful considering that I didn’t have the resources to put all my ideas into the project.

Luke Roberts Art


  1. Belinda Broughton · November 22, 2014

    really interesting idea. I love the installation idea, the connection/interconnection. A piece I love in the Adelaide Museum’s aboriginal galleries is called (from memory) ‘threads of connection’. it is a long string (maybe 15 metres) made of human hair with clumps of gallah feathers (pink) in the twists. it represents connections between families and relations.

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    • shakingwithnormality · November 23, 2014

      Thank you! And I’ll be sure to check that out, sounds quite a bit more high brow than my idea


      • Belinda Broughton · November 23, 2014

        I hope you find it. i didn’t (online). I think it is part of their ceremonial activities


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