Abstract Expressionism

To give some background, these artists were some of the figureheads of a post-World war two era of painting called abstract expressionism or action painting, I have been asked to choose a piece of work created by each of them and study them.



I have decided to study “no.5” by Jackson Pollack, It was created in 1948 on a composition board, measuring 2.4 by 1.2 metres, it at first seems to be a simple splattering of paint but the more the viewer looks, the more they see. A colossal amount of work has gone into this piece and although it seems to be just random marks on board, the composition has clearly been thought of extensively, and to me the piece really pulls together as a whole really well. I would like to experiment with creating work similar to this, but at the moment at least, i don’t think i’m brave enough to.



I have chosen to study “woman III” by Willem De Kooning, it was created in 1953 with oil on canvas, it measures 1.73 by 1.23 metres and is a member of the six paintings De Kooning created between 1951 and 1953, all having the same central theme: women. it comprises of bold highly expressional brush strokes and dirty colours that combine to make a warped figure of a woman, despite this being an unconventional painting it has earned the crown of the third most expensive painting ever sold when it was sold in 2006 for £137.5 million. Although i have high regard for this piece it isn’t an area of expressionism that speaks to me particularly, so I won’t be attempting to use this artist as an influence.


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