Abstracting In the Life Room


This came about by drawing Jan (our life model) over and and over again in one minute on top of the original drawings, and then working on top of the resulting shapes and marks with paint and charcoal to make new organic forms.
Although I can’t remember putting this in, I can definitely see the head of a person looking down just below the middle of the object.

John Moores Painting Prize 2014

Unlike a few of my classmates I really do believe Rose Wylie deserved to win this prestigious award, although I can see the merit in the other shortlisted artists work, definitely the immense amount of skill behind the work (Juliette Losq and ┬áMandy Payne) and the beautiful and profound depth of thought behind the rest (Alesandro Raho and Rae Hicks). Despite this I feel Rose Wylie offered more in terms of uniqueness and personality, elements which are becoming increasingly hard to find in today’s artist community and therefore traits that I find even more essential in a winner.


Above, the first prize winner “PV Windows and Floorboards” by Rose Wylie