Derek Overfield

At the moment I am trying to improve my artistic skills in my sketchbook before I move onto creating my own pieces with their own meanings and ideas behind them, because I feel skill is a really important aspect of my area of fine art. Having a strong understanding of composition and a high level of skill before going out and creating pieces, because some critics beg the question while critiquing abstract art “couldn’t that piece have been made by a child?” And I feel the only way to gain proper recognition and respect is to have a back catalogue of work that proves skill. Maybe I am wrong in thinking this, but at the moment I am looking at artists to learn from and I came across this very interesting man named Derek Overfield. He is an artist who focuses his subject matter scope on figures. and exploring themes of power, mystery and romanticism. His work appears to have mainly been made from charcoal and pencil.
I feel really quite mezmerized by them because I can see the high level of skill  behind them and I absolutely love the expressional style and fluidity of the marks in the pieces, I hope to learn a lot from this artist’s work and hopefully this will help me to progress as an artist which I am really striving to do.



Above: Examples of some of Derek Overfield’s work.


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