“Choose a Piece of art and review it”

I have chosen to review ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh, although feels a bit of a cop out seeing as everyone knows of it, it is one of my favourite pieces of all time and the beautifully tragic story of Van Gogh interests me.

The painting is full of bright and bold colours, bold brushstrokes full of energy and giving thick marks of paint and a completely unique sense of style, the sky of the painting itself gives a sense of movement to the painting making it seem that large rolls of cloud are flowing over the landscape.

The complexity and beauty of the painting really seems like the artist has taken a large amount of time over, it although the brushstrokes themselves suggest that the piece was completed quickly, this is typical of a Van Gogh painting and it I believe that it really brings his genius into light.

At the time, Van Gogh’s paintings were very non traditional, these were post impressionistic times where his use of bold colour and bold brush stroke made him stand out from the crowd, due to this his pieces were still recognised as innovative for a long time after his death.

I don’t think there is a particular reason or intention behind this work, however I think it does portray a man with a troubled mind, striving for originality. Maybe his use of bright colour was a way of trying to enrich the his life and the lives of the people around him, we will never know.

I love this piece of art, it is definitely one of my favourites, it displays an atmosphere I want to experiment with in my own art and I believe that it is unbelievably beautiful because of this.


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