Anslem Kiefer Exhibition in London

Anselm Kiefer is a German artist famous for working on massive scales, and being a brave and provocative artist. He is a man whose pieces, despite having many elements and subjects, mainly involve aspects of and portray subjects and issues such as conflict between countries and terrible events that have occurred throughout history (eg the horrific war crimes commited in world war 2, he was quoted as saying “at the end of the 1960s, I became interested in the Nazi era, it was a taboo subject in Germany.” Showing that a lot of his art does link back to this), his pieces also draw inspiration from mythology, philosophy, literature and science. Kiefer also doesn’t limit himself to a particular area of art, he has previously created pieces in sculpture, installation and paint.

I feel that Kiefer produces work that is truly inspiring, I have found myself looking a lot at them and trying to recreate elements in my own work becaus I find them so profound. The best word i can think of to suit them is sinister. I also feel that they create a real sense of dark brooding atmosphere about them as well as putting across political and confrontational messages and drawing attention to issues he finds to be worthy really effectively. He was quoted saying “Art is difficult, it’s not entertainment”, and i really believe that this viewpoint is illustrated in his work, they really are pieces that spark debate about difficult subjects.

For almost seven weeks, (27th of September to the 14th of December 2014), an exhibition for Anselm Kiefer is being held at the Royal Academy in London. This exhibition will show a very wide selection of Kiefer’s work (from the last 40 years), as well as this the exhibition includes pieces he has created specifically for the spaces within the Royal Academy building, all of which makes it one of the biggest and most important Kiefer exhibtions that have ever been held in the UK.


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