Fleetwood Mac Tusk- Album cover (Object I find aesthetically appealing)


I have never found collages massively appealing to make or to even look at, however these really appeal to me, they are included on the inner sleeves of the 1979 Fleetwood Mac tusk album and are a mixture of seemingly random images and relevant photos and text. These have been arranged to create a beautiful and surreal collage that has a particular atmosphere of mystery, as well as this, somehow it manages to be quintessentially seventies. It appears that the collages have been photocopied straight from an artist’s sketchbook, from the way pages are visible underneath and the fussy attention to detail and messiness which is commonplace in a sketchbook.

The rest of the album cover is very minimalist which is in stark contrast to these inner sleeves, i feel that this helps to give them context and make them even more effective as art works.